Hello and Welcome to my HomePage and Course Pages !

Please note my next course will begin sometime around the beginning of April.
Date to be confirmed so keep watching!

I’d like to invite you to look around my Course pages and my HomePage and see what I can do for you here.
As an opening offer I would like to give you a free 30 minutes session using Zoom in the comfort of your office.
I am available to you using Zoom for InHouse trainings while we still have the Covid-19 or its varient here or I can come to your office if you would prefer this.
If you have any questions, then please feel free to contact me:
by email – paul.guest.ulm@gmail.com
by phone – +49 (0) 177 626 4688.

Would you like to
– refresh your Business English
– upgrade your English to an improved Business level
– prepare your Business English for a special event?

Yes? Then you are at the right place! 
With fun in the lessons and learning the language, we can dedicate ourselves to your goals together.
On the following pages you will find detailed information about me and my offers.
You can, of course, arrange for a free introductory trial without obligation.
If you are interested, please contact me.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Paul V. Guest

    “Every new language is like an open window that shows a new 
    view of the world and expands your attitude towards life.” 
    Frank Harris (1856-1931), Anglo-Irish author