My recommendations for you
BBC – Learning EnglishAudio, video, vocabulary and much more.
BBC – NewsNews, audio, video.
ego4uGrammar and exercises.
geosocGeneral business help.
Grammar Help
englishpageGrammar and exercises.
a4eslSelect your level. Exercises only.
ego4uGrammar and exercises.
englisch-hilfenEnglish / German. Use the links on the left.
General other
PhrasesIdioms and phrases in German and English.
Project BritainAn excellent guide to British life, culture and more. Website run by a school.
SynonymsSynonyms and Antonyms.
Uk student lifeStudent life, culture, events, and help in the UK.
UsingEnglishIdioms, Phrasal Verbs and Cambridge Dictionary.
word hippoFind those words you are looking for.
English-English Dictionaries
Cambridge DictionaryEnglish / German and German / English dictionary.
Translators and Spell Checkers
Google TranslatorWhen you need to translate a block of text.
Jspell.comSpell checker – my preference
Change the language to English UK – BEFORE you input text.