Training offered

The trainings can take place online or in-house, so you do not have to spend any time or drive unnecessarily. 
As part of my work as a Business English Trainer, I offer  individual trainings and lessons in small and large groups.
In both types of lessons there is the possibility of completing an intensive or extensive training: 
Intensive Trainings are designed to give individual clients maximum English input in as short a time as possible to achieve their goals. 
Extensive trainings take place regularly, generally once a week but can be more frequent depending on your needs. This type of training provides on-going work, perhaps with the aid of a book or other specific materials for continual improvement.

One-to-One Training

One-to-One Trainings are the most effective way to learn English. The course content and materials are specifically designed for you and your time availability. You will advance quickly!

Type of Training • Set to your own needs and can be as often as you want
Target groups • Private lessons 
• Companies 
• Educational institutions 

Group lesson

These lessons are with a maximum of 8 people to get most individual input. You can choose the frequency of trainings to achieve your goals. The subject matter and course content are set to your needs and the level of the group. Specific areas and language can be integrated in the training for you. 

Type of Training • regular lessons – usually once a week 
• Intensive training – usually several times a week during a short period.
Target groups • Companies 
• Educational institutions

I will be very happy to visit your company and discuss your needs with you. 
You can get in  contact with me here, and thank you very much for visiting my Homepage.